The Ophthalmology Foundation’s mission is to maximize the training ability of ophthalmic educators to enhance the skill of ophthalmologists and improve global eye care, with special focus on low-resource and underserved countries. As a program of the Ophthalmology Foundation, the Education Consortium (OFEC) has been formed as a collaboration between ophthalmic educators, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and national or supranational ophthalmic societies. The OFEC online campus is designed to provide ophthalmic educators around the world with the educational tools, techniques, and resources required to optimally train and improve ophthalmologist’s skills and ultimately the eye care their patients receive. The OFEC develops online activities to support and extend the depth and reach of our face to face activities, and we recruit individual ophthalmologists and education experts as our content creators. Our hope is that NGOs, national and supranational society OEC collaborators will help disseminate this ophthalmic education training to their individual members.